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Rosen Movement Video with Jane Malek

Bring the joy of movement into your life!





The results of Rosen Movement frequently include a lessening of pain and tension and increased flexibility, vitality, and aliveness. Rosen Movement:

  • Relaxes muscle tension and chronic holding
  • Increases flexibility and vitality
  • Deepens physical and emotional awareness
  • Helps with coordination and balance
  • Improves posture
  • Reshapes the body without hurting it
  • Prepares the body for more strenuous exercise


Rosen Movement classes are held in a group setting, with people gathered in a circle to provide support and have fun together. The purpose of this video is to offer Rosen Movement to those not able to attend a group class. The video begins with a description of Rosen Movement and its benefits, and then Jane leads a movement class that you can do at home.

Marion Rosen, who worked for many years as a physical therapist, developed these exercise, as a way to prevent physical difficulties before they arise. These movements have helped her clients feel better and age more gracefully. They may be adapted for those who experience pain or have physical limitations. 

To make this video easy to follow it is divided into sections. We start with warm-ups, followed by stretching. The sections for standing in a circle and moving across the floor have been adapted for use at home. The video concludes with a segment of spinal exercises done on the floor and time for awareness and relaxation.

Set to music, these easy, unhurried movements are designed to lubricate the joints and improve alignment and flexibility. They also move and stretch all the muscles, allow more ease when you breathe, and deepen awareness of the body. These movements are done individually as well as in a circle or with partners.


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